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Off The Beaten Path

By Mark Bliss


Hi everyone! My name is Mark Bliss, and I’m honored to be the guest blogger for this installment of Zeros & Ones!

When I began exploring DAW music production, my primary motivation was to learn how to create drum and backing tracks to jam to. My search for drum tracks that sounded more realistic than drums machines led me to Acoustica Beatcraft, and later to Mixcraft. I learned there were more ways to create drum tracks than I had imagined. While things can quickly become complex, there are fairly simple ways to achieve great sounding drum tracks.

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By Mitchell Sigman


The flu-bonic plague has unintentionally extended my Christmas/New Year’s hiatus, but I’m back. If you’ve been following the blog, I’ve been breaking down the tracks of my song “Intermission”, handily attached above. Today we’ll discuss the keyboard parts and how they were tweaked at the mix stage.

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Indie Rock Opus pt.1: Building Drum Tracks

By Mitchell Sigman


Hey all! Thought I’d break down a new tune I’ve been working on with Mixcraft 6 called “Intermission”. We’ll assume you’ve already clicked that handsome MP3 player above and are listening. :) I’m going to go through its individual parts in the next couple of blog entries,

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