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In today’s entry we’ll talk about Mixcraft’s plug-in management feature. The idea behind it is this… since Mixcraft has a zillionty VST effects and instruments, finding a specific plug-in or instrument can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Plug-in management lets you create your own custom collections of effects or instruments, making it much easier to quickly find what you’re looking for.

The plug-in management feature is ridiculously to use and a major time saver, so if you’re not hip to it, check out the video above, and get edumacated!

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We recently conducted a live Skype video interview with Russ Hockenbury, an Education Technology teacher at Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky. Russ uses Acoustica Mixcraft 7 to teach students about electronic music creation and we applaud his efforts! Check out the interview video to learn about his experiences in the classroom with Mixcraft! You can also check out Russ’ Twitter here: Check out photos of Russ’s students using Mixcraft after the READ MORE jump.

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In today’s entry, we’ll talk about how to create a “mashup.” If you’ve been one of the big techno, EDM, or hip–hop clubs you’re probably heard a mashup – this is when sections of two songs that were never intended to fit together are synced up and played simultaneously, often to humorous effect. In the example in my video above around 0:38, you can hear the beats and raps of Blacked Eyed Peas’ (I won’t even attempt to properly make a possessive out that… Peaszes?) “My Humps” combined with AC/DC’s classic “Shook Me All Night Long” guitar riffs.

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In this post we’ll discuss a super-neat new Mixcraft 7 feature we call “publishing.” The publishing feature lets you quickly render completed audio or video files and directly upload them to social media sites. In the past, once a song or video project was completed, you would render an audio or video file by choosing Mixcraft’s Mix Down To Audio File button. This creates an MP3 or WAV audio file, or in the case of video, a WMV or AVI file. You’d then direct your web browser to a social media site and follow the procedure for uploading.

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: Publishing direct to social media sites requires Mixcraft version 7.7. To make sure you have the newest version, click on Help>Check For Updates at the top of the screen.

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Off The Beaten Path

By Mark Bliss


Hi everyone! My name is Mark Bliss, and I’m honored to be the guest blogger for this installment of Zeros & Ones!

When I began exploring DAW music production, my primary motivation was to learn how to create drum and backing tracks to jam to. My search for drum tracks that sounded more realistic than drums machines led me to Acoustica Beatcraft, and later to Mixcraft. I learned there were more ways to create drum tracks than I had imagined. While things can quickly become complex, there are fairly simple ways to achieve great sounding drum tracks.

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Stack ‘n’ Split!

By Mitchell Sigman


One of Mixcraft’s unique features is that it allows easy stacking of multiple virtual instruments on a single track. This lets you easily create the elaborate layered and/or split sounds usually associated with the “multi” or “combi” modes seen on workstation keyboards.

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