Creating Mashups With Mixcraft

By Mitchell Sigman


In today’s entry, we’ll talk about how to create a “mashup.” If you’ve been one of the big techno, EDM, or hip–hop clubs you’re probably heard a mashup – this is when sections of two songs that were never intended to fit together are synced up and played simultaneously, often to humorous effect. In the example in my video above around 0:38, you can hear the beats and raps of Blacked Eyed Peas’ (I won’t even attempt to properly make a possessive out that… Peaszes?) “My Humps” combined with AC/DC’s classic “Shook Me All Night Long” guitar riffs.

In the video we’ll show you how to create your own mashups. The mojo is that Mixcraft kinda magically figures out where the beats and hits are (so you don’t have to!). This lets you easily sync multiple songs to the master project tempo, making mashup creation super fun ‘n’ easy. Everyone will think you’re a dang genius! Check out the video and make yourself some wicked mashup monster mixes!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I accidentally made an earlier version of the video above public on Acoustica’s YouTube page (oops) last week, so if you’re one of the 400-ish people who watched that, definitely check out the current version because it’s totally different, and does a much better job of explaining and demonstrating how to lock songs to the Mixcraft’s grid.