Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part Three: Mod Sequencers

By Mitchell Sigman


This is the final installment  in our Nightlife VSTi virtual synth “how-to” series. We’ll talk about Nightlife’s super-fun-to-use modulation sequencers. If you don’t already have the super rad and super FREE Nightlife, download it HERE.

The modulation sequencers (“mod” sequencers, for short) allow all manner of tempo-synchronized mod madness (or unsynced, if you prefer). These include:

Stepped LFO:0&1_nightlife_feat_modseq_stepLFO

Filter Sequencer:


Pitch Sequencer:

and an Amplitude/Gate Sequencer:

The mod sequencers are great for stepped and “smoothed” pitch, filter, and amplitude modulations – it’s like having a rocket-fuel powered set of sequencers and LFO’s. Check out the video at the top of the entry for an in-depth look at all five of them.

I’ve created a Mixcraft 7 project with five separate instances of Nightlife to demonstrate each mod sequencer. There aren’t any MIDI notes programmed (so don’t press play), but you can play the sounds from a MIDI keyboard. Download the mod sequencers demo project HERE.