Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part Two: Filters

By Mitchell Sigman


Continuing with our Nightlife VSTi virtual synth series, in this entry we’ll talk about Nightlife’s filters and unique “vowel morph pad.” (And in case it wasn’t clear, Nightlife is FREE, get it HERE and send us a nice Christmas card!)

Not only does the filter section provide 15 different filter types, it lets you apply two of them independently (Nightlife’s three oscillators are routable to either filter signal path). The filter types include Moog-style 24db/octave ladder-type filters, Oberheim-style 12db/octave state-variable filters, vintage Roland TB-303 18db/octave more, in lowpass, highpass, bandpass flavors (and more!).


In addition to the “normal” filters, Nightlife also includes a “vowel morph pad.” This is a special filter type that lets you easily assign A,E, I, O, and U vowel sounds to four corners of a grid for talking synth effects. You can then modulate the movement (i.e. morphing) between vowel sounds using Nightlife’s morph pad modulation. This may sound complicated, but as you’ll see in the video, it’s actually very easy to use, and the morphing modulation can easily be locked to the project tempo, which is loads of fun. For the full lowdown, check out the video!