Publishing Direct To Social Media Sites With Mixcraft 7

By Mitchell Sigman


In this post we’ll discuss a super-neat new Mixcraft 7 feature we call “publishing.” The publishing feature lets you quickly render completed audio or video files and directly upload them to social media sites. In the past, once a song or video project was completed, you would render an audio or video file by choosing Mixcraft’s Mix Down To Audio File button. This creates an MP3 or WAV audio file, or in the case of video, a WMV or AVI file. You’d then direct your web browser to a social media site and follow the procedure for uploading.

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: Publishing direct to social media sites requires Mixcraft version 7.7. To make sure you have the newest version, click on Help>Check For Updates at the top of the screen.


The idea behind Mixcraft’s publishing feature is that you can skip rendering and uploading to social media sites with a browser – instead, you’re now able to render, upload audio and video files directly to multiple social media sites simultaneously without ever leaving the Mixcraft environment. Hooray! Specifically, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud are all currently supported, as well as linked promotional text posts on YouTube and Twitter. (and we’ll support more as new social media sites arrive on the scene)

Mixcraft is also pretty smart about site limitations, for example, if you’re uploading a video to an audio–only site (like Soundcloud), Mixcraft only uploads the audio portion. And if you’re uploading a song to YouTube (which requires some kind of image), Mixcraft lets you choose a cool built-in “Mixcraft-centric” image, or lets you use your own. For a detailed tutorial on publishing with Mixcraft, check out the video above beginning at 1:51.