Stack ‘n’ Split!

By Mitchell Sigman


One of Mixcraft’s unique features is that it allows stacking of multiple virtual instruments on a single track. This lets you easily create elaborate layered and/or split sounds usually associated with the “multi” or “combi” modes seen on workstation keyboards. Mixcraft includes a number of preset layers and splits that can be used as is, or modified – first I’ll show how to load presets:

(for full-screen movie playback, click the “four corners” icon at the bottom right of the movie window after pressing the play button)

Now I’ll show how to create and modify your own custom layered instrument combinations. We’ll begin with the most common layered keyboard sound, the ubiquitous piano/strings layer:

Below I’ll add a third layer of electric piano and manipulate volume, panning, and more.

Next, we’ll add an electric bass sound and modify the key ranges so the bass sound plays only in the left hand while the piano/strings/electric piano layers play in the right hand.

But that’s not all… right beneath the instruments is a space to insert effects into layered and split instruments Effects inserted here function separately from effects inserted in the track mixer. Below I’ll take a garden variety piano and spice it up with way too much spacey chorus and reverb:

There’s really no practical limit to the number of sounds and effects that can be added to custom instruments – you could literally have different instrument play on every note. You might never go that far, but don’t be afraid to experiment with Mixcraft’s nifty stacking and splitting capabilities!